Physical Therapy Fraud - Colorado
Fraudulent Business Practices of MDPT Partners, LLC; Doug Sparks; and Samuel Fontenot



We launched this public forum in an effort to inform consumers about matters of public interest in their community, and to gather preliminary information and evidence for proposed judicial proceedings against MD/PT Partners, LLC ("MDPT") and all those that conspire with them to violate the law.  MDPT's fraudulent business paractices are harming the medical community as a whole, compromising patient care, and undermining honest healthcare providers who refuse to break the law.  With your help, we will proceed to file formal complaints against MDPT and all of those involved in their scheme.

Please read on to learn about the fraudulent business practices of MDPT and its principals, Doug Sparks and Samuel Fontenot.

The results of an investigation and legal research reveal that MDPT is operating in violation of Colorado and Federal law. MDPT is systematically targeting physicians and physical therapists, and inducing those professionals to unwittingly engage in its fraudulent scheme of blind-referrals to physical therapists and illegal kickbacks to physicians. 
The co-founders of MDPT, Doug Sparks and Samuel Fontenot, are engaging in business practices that implicate the physicians and physical therapists who contract with MDPT in tortious acts, including the following:

*Insurance fraud

*Conspiracy to commit insurance fraud

*Fee splitting; up-charging

*Medical malpractice

*Violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA")

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